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About Us

This course was created by the innovative minds at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation.

Our Vision

The University of Pennsylvania and Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation share a belief that nurse innovators are more crucial now than ever before. Nurses are on the front lines of healthcare, and this affords nurses enormous opportunities to use innovation to improve health and well-being, design and create new approaches to care, and communicate health information to the community at-large.

We are, and have always been, a school and a community dedicated to making change happen— to innovating not just for care and cures, but for life and living. We created this
course so that nurses, no matter their experience, setting, or location, could join us in designing a healthier future.

“…together we can continue to drive cutting-edge solutions to some of today’s most challenging health care issues.”

The Power of Nurses


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Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation

The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation is committed to improving the lives of patients, families and communities through the education of nurse innovators and the advancement of leading edge, nursing-driven models of care that address the unmet needs of underserved populations.